Below are questions that Job Seekers often have, we hope the below will answers most of your immediate questions.

Q1: How can I register or submit my CV to MGRMC?

You can register with us online at Login / Register With Us.

Q2: Do I need to personally visit MGRMC office for registration?

Registration can be done online and there is no need to visit the office since we donít accept printed CVs.

Q3: What are the job openings available and how do I apply for a job?

You can see the list of our current vacancies at http://jobs.mgrmc.com You need to apply to the relevant positions that match your skills and experience.

Q4: What will happen when I register with MGRMC?

Our consultants will review your CV and get in touch with you if your profile matches with our Clientís requirements.

Q5: What if I donít find any jobs suitable for me at MGRMC website?

If we currently don't have a suitable position for you, you may register with us for future consideration. You may do so online at Login / Register With Us.

Q6: Are there any fees for job seekers?

No. We donít charge job seekers for registering with us.

Q7: I am planning to visit UAE. What are the best months to visit UAE or other gulf countries for a job hunt?

Usually, September to May (except December) are the best months for job hunting. Avoid June, July, August, and December as key decision makers are on vacation. Also during Ramadan, Eid Ul Adha and Christmas seasons are not the best time as things tend to slow down and you may not get responses from employers quickly.

Q8: How long will it take me to get a position?

Our goal is to get you placed as soon as possible. However the time frame is based on matching your experience, skills, and desires with our Clientís requirements.

We wish you well in your employment search, should you require more information visit the Job Seeker Support section of our site.

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