Employer Services

We provide first class recruitment services to Employers! Our consultants have worked in the industries that they recruit for. Click on the below headings to review a description of our services:

Head Hunting

Specializing in filling mid-to-senior level positions which are the backbone of an organization – technical, strategic and leadership roles – MGRMC has an excellent track record!

Our recruitment methodology has been proven to be effective. We achieve 95% placement rate on assigned positions when the Client selects our applicants for an interview. Our national and international assignments span a range of disciplines and industries.

Our search methodology:
  • Thorough market research complemented by extensive direct sourcing and headhunting
  • Candidate database driven sourcing, when appropriate, on specialist and functional skills
  • Local market focused, knowledgeable, dedicated and accountable Sourcing Consultants
  • Sophisticated and consistent screening processes and professional account management approach
We will not stop until we find the best person available in the market at that time to fit a specific open position!

Candidate Psychometric Assessment & Aptitude Testing

Psychometric and aptitude testing to evaluate Management and Leadership desired behaviours, Reasoning Test, Sales & Business Development Aptitude, Business English, Safety Behaviour Assessment, etc. before you interview. You will get insights into a candidate's behaviour / aptitude not available on their CV. The assessment results can then be used during your interview, some provide interview questions, which you can use to probe further and have a more effective employment interview.

Background Checks

Reference Checks and Experience Certificates are important to obtain/confirm during the recruitment process and if not done right, they can cost you money and time should you hire the wrong person. MGRMC can provide the service of thorough background checks by conducting Reference Checks and confirming Experience Certificates as part of the recruitment process so that you don’t have to. Free up your team and let us take care of this important step. Our reference checks are innovative and visual in format, providing you with information on relevant key behavioural competencies of a candidate.

Recruitment Onboarding

Effective Onboarding of a new employee is just as important as finding the right candidate. MGRMC will help you onboard an employee by providing support during the recruitment process. We will coordinate all documentation for immigration, ensure that the employee is briefed on what to expect, and guide them as required. In addition, MGRMC can assist your organization to develop an onboarding program that will meet the needs of new employees, increase employee retention, and improve overall employee satisfaction.

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